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My last trip by ferry

This story has happened a long time ago, when I was a child. I lived in a small town with my parents. I was only child. I felt a little bit lonely without anybody to play with me and have some fun. Once I was alone in our apartament, my parents went out for a shopping, and I decided to try something new, and build my own type of ship. I was excited, because this one was to be a ferry, voyaged on the ocean. It did not have many equipment, becaused I made it by paper, but despite that, it was very comfortable for passengers. When I finished, I decided to test it. I filled a bath-tub with water, and let the ferry be sailed by my hand and sometimes my lung’s work. I was very happy that it worked. When I was about to finish my experiment, suddenly my parent came home and saw me. They were not happy about my project, because it turned out, that a piece of paper I used to build my ship was some very important document. My fault was obvious. As a punishment, I could not use any paper without asking for it first. I was sad about it. My conclusion is simple. I will never travel by ferry. Why? I think that if people would not invent ships, I would not even think about building one on my own. So I will not travel by ferry to not support this mode of transportation which put me in trouble.

Text is a homework that I did for my friend back in High school. It contains some humorous elements.


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