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I really enjoy travelling and I spend most of my free time visiting new places or watching some interesting buildings in my neighbourhood. At least once a year I plan a big journey to chosen destination. Usually far away from home. I use many different means of travel and have no "favourite" one. My recent... Czytaj dalej →

The greatest adventure

So, This was a time when i was 12 and both with my girlfriend we decided to go to a trip to visit some interesting places in our area. We decided to travel by bikes through forests and fields to watch some beautiful landscapes. We were quite well prepared to the journey. Our sucks were... Czytaj dalej →


We usually remember our grandparents as a pair of nice, old two people, living in a village, that we've been visiting as children. That early childhood memories, shows that relationship with grandmother or grandfather is significant. So, why it is so important to have grandparents? I think, that grandparents are kind of teachers who can... Czytaj dalej →

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